Becky was born in Somerset and always dreamed of becoming a dancer. At age 18 she gained a place at Stella Mann professional dance school and trained for 3 years to become a professional dancer. Upon graduating, Becky started working front of house at a gym and attended her first yoga class. She started using yoga as a tool to increase her strength and flexibility for dancing but the more she practiced yoga the less she wanted to dance.

Becky soon took her first of seven (so far) yoga teacher trainings and started teaching yoga right away. Alongside the yoga training, Becky also trained to become a personal trainer and a children's yoga teacher. Now Becky loves yoga for the physical and mental benefits, she has taken meditation courses and is a tantra practitioner. Becky now lives in north London with her partner and 3 cats, teaches many styles of yoga predominantly; Acroyoga, Vinyasa, Rocket, Ashtanga and Yin and teaches in yoga studios around North London. Becky teaches on yoga teacher trainings and co-teaches/runs the School of Svadhaya with Charlotte Wellfare for Moreyoga. She has previously been the studio coordinator for Moreyoga, managing all the teachers and timetables and has stepped down from that role to focus on her sexology and psychotherapy placements and studies as as she believes a healthy body and mind make a happy person.


In Becky's classes, you can expect creative sequencing and a strong emphasis on the breath. Becky is very good at adapting a class to mixed level groups, always teaching with many variations so everyone in the class can practice to their own abilities. Becky applies her knowledge of the body from her dance and personal training schooling; her knowledge of the mind from meditation, tantra and psychotherapy education; and her knowledge of yoga, from all the many styles she practices and teaches. She uses all of this information to create inventive and inspiring yoga classes. 

Becky's classes are vibrant and dynamic. You'll feel invigorated as well as re-balanced, and it's this refreshing take on the practice that has made Becky Crepsley-Fox one of London's most sought-after yogis.