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About Me

I have experience of Psychosexual/Psychotherapy and Relationship therapy in different public and private sectors in the UK.


I have worked as a therapist in:

  • Homerton University Hospital

  • Woodbridge Therapy

  • Sextherapy Herts

  • Talk Wandsworth NHS

I have spent the past three years facilitating Sexual Embodiment workshops predominately focussed on both womxn empowerment (womxn is a term covering anyone who identifies as a woman regardless of their genitals) and  connection workshops for people in intimate relationships.

I spent 8 years teaching yoga full-time in London and was Head of Yoga for Moreyoga which has 30 studios and 300 teachers. I was a mentor for the teachers and co-ran the development schemes as well as arranging all studio timetables.


I now fuse all of my knowledge from these different modalities and techniques to bring a well rounded approach to healing believing the body and the mind should be working together to form a happy/healthy person.

My qualifications:

Therapy training:

  • 2 Year diploma in Sex and relationship therapy with CICS - COSRT accredited and Pink Therapy aligned course

  • 35 hours in Trauma and triggers with Beeleaf

  • 28 hours in Ethical practice in Psychotherapy with Beeleaf

  • 130 hours certificate in Skills & Principles of Contemporary Psychotherapy with BeeLeaf

  • 20 days Neuro-Linguistic Programming with BeeLeaf

  • 28 hours in Psychopathology in Psychotherapeutic practice with Beeleaf

  • 28 hours Human development and sexuality with Beeleaf

CPD Training:

  • 5 hours Body of Knowledge, trauma sensitive yoga and meditation with Wimbledon Guild

  • 7 hours NHS placement training with The Awareness Centre

Yoga training:

  • 50 hours Advanced Power training with Minnar and Charlotte Moreyoga

  • 48 hours Advanced yin yoga with Norman Blair

  • 77 hours AcroYoga with AcroYogaDance

  • 30 hours Yin yoga with Norman Blair

  • 20 days Tripsichore intensive practise course

  • 200 Hours Ashtanga Vinyasa with The Yoga People

  • 200 Hours Active IQ level 3 diploma in teaching Hatha yoga

  • Active IQ in Young Yoga

  • Active IQ in Hot yoga

Relevant certificates:

  • Public liability insured

  • DBS checked

For more information email or call 07779 108655