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Image by Stacy Barnes

About Me

I have experience of Psychosexual/Psychotherapy and Relationship therapy in different public and private sectors in the UK.


I have experience as a therapist in:

  • Homerton University Hospital

  • Woodbridge Therapy

  • Sextherapy Herts

  • Talk Wandsworth NHS

My qualifications

Therapy training:

  • EMDR practitioner with Prof Paul W Miller and Adam Getty with Mirabilis health institute. 

  • Externship in Emotionally focused therapy for LGBTQIA+ couples with Sandra Taylor and Robert Allan

  • Diploma in Contemporary Psychotherapy with Beeleaf - UKCP accredited course.

  • Diploma in Sex and relationship therapy with CICS - COSRT accredited and Pink Therapy aligned course

  • Certificate in Trauma and triggers with Beeleaf

  • Certificate in Ethical practice in Psychotherapy with Beeleaf

  • Certificate in Skills & Principles of Contemporary Psychotherapy with BeeLeaf

  • Certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming with BeeLeaf

  • Certificate in Psychopathology in Psychotherapeutic practice with Beeleaf

  • Certificate in Human development and sexuality with Beeleaf

CPD Therapy Training:

  • Integrating Sexual Health into EMDR Therapy with EMDRUK Stephanie Baird

  • Autism and relationships with COSRT Dr Felicity Sedgewick

  • Kink-Affirming Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy Practices with COSRT Markie Twist

  • Solutions for female orgasm problems with COSRT Dr Laurie Mintz

  • Working with shame with NCIP Sue Parker Hall

  • Trauma and the living body with NCIP Claire Spiller

  • The science of love with COSRT Dr Anna Machin

  • Working with Common Erectile and Ejaculation Problems with COSRT Trudy Hannington Andrew Yates

  • Working with Couples and Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Disorder with COSRT Paula Hall and Nick Turner

  • The science of sexual fantasy with COSRT Dr Justin Lehmiller

  • Neurodiversity and Psychosexual therapy with COSRT Karen Lean and Grace Myhill

  • Dementia sex and intimacy in Psychosexual and relationship therapy with COSRT Danuta Lipinska 

  • Impact of diabetes on sexual function with COSRT Professor Geoffrey Hackett

  • Neurodiversity and dating with COSRT Jodi Rogers 

  • Working with clients with physical limitations with COSRT Michelle Donald

  • Focus on disabled people in psychosexual and relationship therapy with COSRT Alex Cowan 

  • Disability awareness with COSRT Jennie Williams

  • Maintaining an intimate connection at the end of life with COSRT Ruth Hazelton

  • Focus on female infertility with COSRT Louise Magee

  • The digi of things, digisexuality, out of control digibehvaiours and digiattachment with COSRT Dr Markie Twist.

  • ADHD for sexuality and relationships with COSRT Dr Ned Hallowell

Tantra Training:

  • Certificate of mastery Urban Tantra with Barbara Carrellas


Relevant certificates:

  • Public liability insured

  • DBS checked

  • ICO registered

For more information email or call 07779 108655

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