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I facilitate Sexual Embodiment sessions in: Groups, relationship structures and on a 1-1 basis as well as workshops and online classes. I have a hands-off approach which means I do not make physical contact with my clients.

My Sexual Embodiment sessions take inspiration from Tantra, Embodied practises Energy healing and Shamanism. This is focussed on a connection to our own sacred sexuality by harnessing our sexual energy to fuel the life we want to live. This practice can help with communication, healing trauma, generating self acceptance and empowerment. It can also give you the tools to enjoy sexual experiences more and become a better lover.

I am the creator of LustYoga which is a yoga class which incorporates visualisations, breath work and Kundalini inspired movements all created around allowing sexual energy to flow around the body. 


We will focus on yoga poses from the first two chakras, the first chakra to connect to our element of safety as pleasure is not possible when we are living in fear, and the second chakra which connects us to our sexuality centre.


Fusing this movement practise alongside the theory of sexual desire and use of manifestation we have a fully loaded, energy filled vibrant mix of pleasures.

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