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I am the creator of LustYoga which is a yoga class which incorporates visualisations, breath work and Kundalini inspired movements all created around allowing sexual energy to flow around the body. 


We will focus on yoga poses from the first two chakras, the first chakra to connect to our element of safety as pleasure is not possible when we are living in fear, and the second chakra which connects us to our sexuality centre.


Fusing this movement practise alongside the theory of sexual desire and use of manifestation we have a fully loaded, energy filled vibrant mix of pleasures.

I run yoga classes for beginner - advanced practitioners. I teach numerous styles some of which are: Vinyasa flow, Hatha flow, Rocket, Power, Ashtanga and Yin. In a 1-1 yoga session I will cater to your ability level and will create the class around what your body needs most. 


In my yoga classes you can expect a strong emphasis on the breath, allowing the asanas to facilitate a moving meditation. The steady pace at which I teach at allows you to leave the class feeling grounded and nourished. 


My classes are unique and inventive - Typically centred around a theme and often integrating breath practices (pranayama) and mindfulness/meditation. 


I am also an Acroyoga teacher. Acroyoga is a partnered yoga practice where there is a base and a flyer moving together. I teach Acroyoga to groups and also in a 1-2 setting where the focus is on building trust between couples and teaching my clients exercises to do at home to help with their communication and connection.