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Relationship Therapy | Sexologist | Brighton | UK

Relationship Therapy

Relationship therapy offers a supportive environment in which to work through your difficulties and find lasting solutions. Together we will unpack the issues you are facing, set goals and working our way towards achieving them.


As a relationship therapist I can help with numerous issues such as:


All the problems listed on the sexology page, in context of how it affects the relationship

  • Communication difficulties

  • The impact of fertility issues

  • Separation

  • Infidelity

  • Mis-matched sexual needs

  • Mis-matched relationship orientations (monogamous/polyamorous differences or kink)

  • Intimacy building 

  • The impact of parenting difficulties 

  • Increasing relationship confidence

  • Conflict and problem solving

  • Opening up a relationship

  • Dealing with sexual dysfunction

  • Transitioning impacts

  • Exploring kinks


Sessions involve talking therapy, sexual/communication education plus at home interventions and exercises. My approach considers all bio/social/cultural aspects of the lives' of the clients and how this impacts their sexuality and relationships.